How to Magically Connect with anyone… love this magic!

By | November 3, 2015

Join North Bay Professional Mixer Thursday November 12th and make some great connections- magically!


Magically Connect with anyone


Magician Brian Miller explains how he created magic for a blind man to “see”. Then he shares how you can use the same technique to make better, more meaningful connections with people in your life, personally and professionally.




Looking for more Business?

Looking to Connect and Grow your Business?

North Bay Business Professionals is a Not-for Profit group of like minded business professionals who seek to connect with each other in growing their businesses and making a difference in the communities they serve. We meet every Wednesday at noon at the Finley Center in the Person Senior Wing. Room #28.  Please contact Kristi if you would like to visit our meeting.  You can come as a guest free for 2 meetings to see whether we feel like a good fit for each other.  We welcome enthusiastic professionals who would like to work as a team to have more ease, fun and support in building connections that lead to more business for everyone.


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